Tips on How to Avail of Airline Promo Fares

Having a hard time getting those piso fares? Don’t fret. To get you ready, here are some tips to help you get those promo fares and get you off to your next vacation.

1) Book quickly

Once you spot a seat sale announcement, book right away. Booking would be difficult if the airline website is already highly trafficked. So book before more people come.

2) Sign up for an online account

Sign up an online account in airline websites (ex. CEB Club) so that your personal profile would be stored and would auto-populate when you’re booking a flight. This will save you from the hassle of filling out the forms and hopefully, help you finish fast enough to avail the promo before they run out.

3) Check multiple dates and destinations

Seat sales are spread out across the travel period, so looking across many dates is important in finding one. Weekend flights and popular tourist destinations like Boracay and Bohol are the first to go. When you do not find any promo fare, it does not mean all promo fares have been sold out. Try out other dates and destinations. Also try alternate stations like Kalibo instead of Caticlan for scoring the best seat sale fare. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the best availability.

4) Book in small quantities

It’ll be harder to look for promo fares for a larger group because there will be less chances that a lot of promo fares will still be available on one flight. Try booking smaller groups.

5) Prepare your credit cards or ATMs. 

Promo fares are usually available through online purchase. So be ready with your credit cards or ATMs. If you do not have credit card, ask your friends or relatives who have credit cards to book your flights. You can also use Bancnet ATMs to book Cebu Pacific and PAL flights.

6) Know when airlines offer promotions. 

Cebu Pacific and PAL regularly offer seat sales. Watch out for their promotions 3 to 6 months in advance of your travel. Piso fares are usually given 6 months before the travel period. Also watch out for promotions on or before special dates and holidays. Cebu Pacific has offered P1 fare on Valentine’s Day, P26 on February 25 (People Power), P12 on June 12 (Independence Day). Philippine Airlines regularly offers Midnight Sale which runs from 7:00 pm Saturday until 7:00 am Sunday (Manila time). Also watch out for PAL promo on pay days and holidays.

7) Get the Habit

Regularly check airline websites for promotions. You’re not the only one looking for promo fares, so the earlier you get the news, the better. You snooze, you lose!

8) Follow social media

Search and follow airline companies in Twitter and Facebook. Most seat sale promos are announced there.

Put these tips to heart and you’ll get a Promo Fare sooner than you think! Best of luck!

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