Safety Tips When Riding a Taxi in Manila

There have been there quite a number of horror stories involving taxi cabs. We have heard about taxi holdups, use of knockout gas, rapes, kidnappings and murders. It is but necessary to learn and practice safety tips when riding a taxi. Below are some taxi safety tips given by the Philippine National Police.

10 Taxi Safety Tips

1.  Before riding, make sure that the taxi is “legitimate” by looking for signs such as a yellow license plates, clear markings on the car’s body, and a driver in uniform or proper attire. As much as possible, hire a taxi from a reputable company like MGE, Sturdy, EMP, R&E, Dollar, and Avis. It is also wise to pre-book the taxi especially for an evening trip or trip to unfamiliar destination.

2.  Always consider doubts when riding a taxi. Always check the taxi first and make sure no one is hiding on the floor or between the seats. Do not enter a taxi if there is anyone other than the driver inside. Never share a taxi ride with a stranger, for any reason.

3.  ​Always sit in the back of the taxi behind the driver, well out of his reach.

4.  Once inside a taxi, ensure that the doors can be opened from the inside and its inside door handles are operational. Lock the doors as you will be vulnerable from outsiders when the taxi stops in traffic. Ask the driver to lock the front doors.

5.  Tell the taxi driver what route you like to go.  If a driver suggest that he take a shortcut tell him no, unless you are familiar with the area.

6.  Get the plate number, taxi name and taxi number and send those information to your family or friends so they know who to contact to in case any untoward incident happens. If you are a parent, a relative or a friend seeing off somebody who is taking a cab, make sure to note this info.

7.  Make sure your cellpphone has sufficient load and your battery has enough power for an emergency text message or phone call. Store in speed dial all the important numbers you want to call in an emergency and keep your phone in your hand during the trip so you do not waste time looking for it when needed.

8.  Pay attention to the routes you are taking. If you are going to a place you have not been to before, ask for specific instructions on how to get there, landmarks to help you know you are going in the right direction. If necessary, review a map or call somebody at your destination while you are in a taxi to help you find your way.

9.  Stay awake. If something seems to be wrong, get off the taxi.

10.  Do not give away too much information about yourself to the driver.


Although there are no measures that can totally ensure safety, it will help to take certain precautions when riding a taxi. Keep this taxi safety tips in mind next time you ride one. If you have any tips to share, feel free to post them on comment section.

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