Manila to Bicol DLTBCo Bus Schedules

For those traveling from Manila to Bicol, below is Del Monte Land Transportation Bus Company (DLTBCo.) schedules. I got this from a post outside the DLTBCo. ticket booth at their EDSA, Pasay terminal last December. Me and my family went to Samar for a short Christmas vacation. While waiting for our bus, I roamed around the the bus terminal where we booked our ticket.  I took pictures of their Daet, Bicol, bus schedules for future reference. This might also interest other travelers so I decided to post it here.

Manila to Daet DLTB Bus Schedule

7:45 AM Daet (Aircon)
9:30 AM Daet (Aircon) from Cubao
1:00 PM Daet (Aircon)
2:30 PM Daet (Aircon) from Cubao
5:30 PM Daet (Ordinary)
8:30 PM Daet (Aircon)
9:30 PM Daet (Greyhound) from Cubao
9:45 PM Daet (Lazyboy) from Cubao

Manila to Bicol DLTB Bus Schedule

9:00 AM Naga / Legaspi
3:30 PM Matnog / Bulan
6:00 PM Naga / Legaspi (Greyhound)
7:00 PM Tabaco
7:30 PM Iriga (Lazyboy)
8:00 PM Naga
8:30 PM Legaspi (Lazyboy)
9:30 PM Naga / Legaspi


If you have extra budget, I would recommend the Greyhound bus for long travels. It is air-conditioned with reclining seats, and leg & foot rest. It also has a comfort room. The fares to different destinations were not posted. I did not asked about the fare as the ticket seller was so busy. But for those who want to inquire, here is DLTB Bus Company’s telephone numbers: 855-8040, 855-8071, 484-7449.

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