Makati Residents Get Free Medicines

If you are a resident of Makati City, then you are in luck. Aside from free outpatient consultations and subsidized in-patient care in the fields of surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology, and orthopedics at the city-run Ospital ng Makati in Bgy. Pembo, you are also entitled to free medicines. Last year, the city government of Makati launched “Libreng Gamot para sa Mamamayan” program that is aimed to improve access of residents and City Hall employees to medicines.

Who are qualified to avail of free medicines?

Only Makati residents and City Hall employees who are holders and beneficiaries of the Makati Health Plus (Yellow Card), senior citizens white card, and persons with disability (PWD) card are qualified to avail of free medicines under the program.

What are the types and quantities of free medicines available?

The type and quantity of free medicines that are available for every patient under the program have been specified as follows:

1. Cardio-Metabolic drugs (for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia), 10 days supply per month;

2. Medicines for BPH (enlarged prostate), 10 days supply/month;

3. Medicines for gout, 10 days supply/month;

4. Medicines for cough and colds, five days supply/month;

5. Anti-microbials (for sexually transmitted infections), full dose;

6. Creams, ointments, bottled medicines, one tube/bottle per month;

7. Pain relievers, five days supply/month;

8. Asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease medicines, one inhaler and five days supply per month.

9. Anti-pyretic medicines, three days supply;

10. Anti-allergy, five days supply;

11. Anti-ulcer, seven days supply;

12. Anti-vertigo, five days supply;

13. Gastro-intestinal, five days supply;

14. Insulin, one vial per quarter;

15. Emergency medicines/OB medicines, rolling stocks;

16. Multivitamins for children and adults, 10 days supply per month;

17. Multivitamins for pregnant patients, one month’s supply; and,

18. Hormonal contraceptives, one cycle of OCP/month or one vial of injectable per quarter.

Where can the free medicines be claimed?

The city’s 26 health centers and one employees’ clinic were grouped into clusters. Qualified patients from these centers can get their prescribed medicine for free at the pharmacy outlet designated to their cluster.

Cluster 1 is composed of the employees’ clinic, social hygiene clinic, dental clinic and the health centers of Barangays Valenzuela, Sta. Cruz, Poblacion, Olympia and Guadalupe Viejo. Their free medicine will be dispensed by Planet Drugstore which is located at the ground floor of the old Makati City Hall.

Cluster 2 consists of the health centers of Barangays Kasilawan, Carmona, Tejeros and Singkamas. Their pharmacy outlet will be at Carmona Health Center.

Cluster 3 covers the Bangkal Health Center, Bangkal lying-in clinic, Pio del Pilar Puericulture Center and Pio del Pilar RHU and San Isidro Health Center. Their pharmacy outlet will be at the Bangkal Health Center.

Cluster 4 composed of the Palanan Health Center, La Paz Health Center and San Antonio Health Center, will be served by the Palanan Health Center pharmacy.

Cluster 5, consisting of the health centers of Barangays Guadalupe Nuevo, Cembo, Pinagkaisahan, Pitogo and South Cembo and the Guadalupe lying-in clinic, will be served by the Pitogo Health Center pharmacy.

Cluster 6, consisting of East Rembo Health Center, East Rembo lying-in clinic, West Rembo Health Center, Comembo Health Center, Pembo Health Center and Rizal Health Center will be served by the Ospital ng Makati pharmacy in Pembo.

How can the free medicines be claimed?

Under the program’s guidelines, these pharmacies will honor only the medical prescriptions issued by authorized personnel from the health centers in their respective clusters.

To qualify, the patients must first go to their barangay health centers for check-up or consultation. They must then present at the designated pharmacy the prescription, together with their yellow card, senior citizen’s card, PWD card or employee’s identification card. If withdrawing through an authorized representative, the complete requirements must be presented together with a letter of authorization of the beneficiary and valid ID with picture of the authorized representative.

If you want to save on medicines, apply for a Makati yellow card and take advantage of this program. For instructions on how to apply for a yellow card, click this link and to know the requirements, this link.

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