Recruitment Agency: How to Verify if POEA Licensed

Given the prevalence of illegal recruiters these days, job applicants should carefully examine the recruitment agency and the persons they are dealing with. The first commandment against illegal recruiters is “Do not apply at recruitment agencies not licensed by POEA”. But how can you do this?

How to Verify if a Recruitment Agency is License by the POEA or not

There are two ways to do this:

One simple way is to go to the POEA website. Below the header on the upper right side, you will see “Status of Recruitment Agencies”. Type in the search box the name of the agency you want to verify and click search. A new window will open up displaying the result of your query.


Take note of the STATUS of the agency and its LICENSE VALIDITY. Do not deal with those indicated as “Delisted”, “Denied Renewal”, “Cancelled”, “Preventive Suspension”, “Revoked”, “Suspended”, or “Forever Banned”. Also avoid those with expired license because, technically, they are not allowed to operate legally. Regularly check the page as the status of an agency may change anytime.

POEA has also come up POEA Mobile, an anti-illegal recruitment tool that can be used to verify a recruitment agency’s license validity to recruit and deploy Filipinos for employment abroad. The app can be downloaded at google play.

You can also verify the status of a recruitment agency by calling the POEA hotline numbers at 722-1144 and 722-1155 or by sending an email to

There are lots of tempting job offers, some are legitimate and real, some are not. Many have been fallen prey under the hands of illegal recruiters, becoming victims of spurious offers.  That is why it pays to meticulously examine the persons you are dealing with before handing to them your hard-earned money. POEA online verification is just a click away. Verify your recruitment agency and avoid being defrauded.

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