How to Get to Your Hotel from Cagban Port

Tricycles abound at Cagban Port to bring passengers to their hotels. Fare is from ₱20 per person up to ₱200 per trip, depending on your drop off point.

From Cagban Port to Station 1, the most that you should pay is ₱20 per head. That is, if you don’t mind sharing the tricycle with other tourists. The driver will drop you off on the main road in Station 1 and you can walk your way to the hotel. The fare may be a little bit higher if you ask the driver to turn from the main road and take you directly to the hotel. Make sure you clarify the rate before getting on.

You can also choose to rent the whole tricycle all to yourself for ₱150.00. This the standard charter rate for a one-way trip from Cagban Port to Boat Stations 1, 2 or 3. If you get off at Yapak or Bolabog (Mt. Luho), expect a fare of ₱200.00. A chartered ride may be enjoyed by a maximum of 5 persons.

Tricycle Terminal at Cagban Port

Beware of the boat crews and workers at the ports. Some will aggressively rush to you and reach for your bags and belongings without explicitly asking if you would like help, and will all but demand a tip after carrying your things, even if it’s only for several meters.

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