How to Get to the Jetty Port from Caticlan Airport

It is very easy to go to Caticlan Jetty Port once you arrive at Caticlan Airport. Just walk out of the airport building and across to it you will see the tricycle terminal going to the jetty port. The ride costs P50.00 per trip for a maximum of three persons. These tricycles will get you to the jetty port in three minutes. Alternatively, you can flag down a tricycle at the highway and pay a much cheaper fare of P8.00 per person. To reach the highway, walk out of the airport building and take a left. Walk straight ahead some 40 meters. At the highway (Aklan West Road), flag down a tricycle and alight at the jetty port.

Outside the Caticlan Airport Building

You may also simply take a 10-minute walk to the jetty port. As you reach the highway (Aklan West Road), turn right. Walk until you reach the first major intersection, then turn left. You will find the Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal at the end of the road. From the jetty port, a boat ride lasting for about 15-20 minutes will take you to Boracay.

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