How to Apply for a Makati Yellow Card

Residents of Makati City as well as city government employees must apply for a Makati Health Plus Card, popularly known as Makati Yellow Card, in order to be eligible for free medicines, free check-ups or consultations at the city’s 28 fully-equiped barangay health centers, free outpatient consultations and highly subsidized hospitalization at the Ospital ng Makati (Osmak) and subsidized medical care and hospitalization at the Philippine Heart Center (PHC). The process for securing a Makati Yellow card is simple. The steps are outlined below.

Makati Yellow Card Application Procedure

1. Prepare all the needed requirements.

2. Go to the Makati Health Plus Office (MHPO) located at the 4th Floor Makati New City Hall Building and submit your requirements. The personnel assigned will interview you and screen your requirements.

makati-yellow-cardMakati Health Plus Office

3. If there is no problem with your documents, the MHPO will make a transmittal report, attaching your application and requirements, and submits these to the Makati Action Center (MAC) office for home visitation.

4. The MAC personnel will home visit you within a month, 2 weeks from application. If the MAC personnel are able to interview you personally and find that you meet the requirements, they will immediately hand you a Notice of Claim.

5. After 2 to 3 days, go to the MHP Office and present your Notice of Claim. Sign your Yellow Card, pay P20.00 for the lamination and get your card.

6. If you are not around when the MAC personnel do the home visit, they will leave a Home Visitation Notice with your relatives or neighbors to inform you of such visit.

7. If on the second home visit, you are around for the interview by the MAC personnel, and they find your application satisfactory, they will hand you a Notice of Claim.

8. After 2 to 3 days, go to the MHP Office and present the said notice. Sign your card, pay the required fee for card lamination and get your Yellow Card.

9. The MAC personnel will conduct up to 3 home visits only. If on the third and last visit you are still not found at your given address, your application will be disapproved.

MHPO Contact Nos.

For more details, contact Makati Health Plus Office at 899-8930 / 899-8957 / 870-1127 / 870-1334.


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