DFA Authentication Procedure in SM Megamall

I was asked by my uncle who is working abroad to have his NSO Birth Certificate get authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). I searched the internet and found that DFA Authentication Express offers authentication services. They can have your legal documents authenticated and delivered at your doorstep. I called up their number and inquired about it. I learned, however, that the whole process of sending to them the birth certificate, authentication and delivery would take 4 to 5 days. As I needed to send the document the soonest time possible, I decided to do the work myself. Thankfully, the DFA in SM Megamall is open on Saturdays.

I went there and discovered that the whole process is fast and easy. There were only two applicants when I came in. So, I was able to finish in less than 10 minutes time. The process would have been much faster had I photocopied my ID beforehand. I was also bothered whether they would accept my application as the identification card and authorization of my uncle were just printouts from email. I was glad they accepted it. I applied on a Saturday and was able to get the authenticated document on Monday.

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DFA Authentication Procedure

If you need to have your documents authenticated (red ribbon) by the DFA in SM Megamall, the following steps might come in handy:

1. Bring all the documents needed to be authenticated.

2. Bring a valid ID and its photocopy.

3. Go to DFA NCR East located on the 7th Floor of Building C, SM Megamall. If you can’t go there, send a representative. Provide him or her with an authorization letter or a special power of attorney and a photocopy of your ID bearing your signature. Also instruct your representative to bring a valid ID and its photocopy.

4. Proceed to Door 6 (Authentication Area) and get an application form from Window 1. One application form is good for up to 5 documents.

5. Accomplish the application form and submit it to Window 2 together with the document/s needed to be authenticated. There you will be given a payment slip.

6. Pay the appropriate authentication fee at the cashier located at Door 1 (Passport Processing Area). Regular processing costs P100.00 per document and takes 4 working days to be released. Express processing costs P200.00 per document which will be released the following day.

7. Return to Door 6 and submit the receipt. The personnel assigned will stamped on it the release date and will give you your copy. Do not lose your copy of the receipt because it will serve as your claim stub.

9. On the release date, go back to the DFA, present the machine validated receipt at the releasing window and claim your authenticated document.

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