Cebuana New Rates

I got curious when I learned from the television ad that Cebuana Lhuillier’s new rate is only P1. To verify the news, I went to Cebuana Lhuillier’s website. What I learned is that the P1.00 rate applies only to remittances from P1.00 to P100.00. Regular rates apply to remittances above P100.00. The rate likewise applies only to domestic remittances. I wonder how many people are sending just P100 nowadays. I guess there are only a few. I do not know if there is a limitation to the number of times you can send in a day. If there is none, then I guess you could separately send P100 ten times and pay just a total of P10 rather than send P1,000 and pay the regular rate of P50. 🙂


Luzon Padala Rates:

Visayas Padala Rates

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