Buffet 101 Graduation Promo 2015

Graduates of 2015, this promo is for you! Reward yourself to a FREE buffet this graduation season. Bring with you three (3) regular paying adult and enjoy free lunch buffet at any 101 Buffet branches. See complete promo mechanics below.

Buffet 101 Graduation Promo Mechanics:

1. 2015 Graduating Students are eligible for 1 FREE BUFFET at any Buffet 101 branches.

2. The Graduating Student MUST be accompanied by 3 full paying adults without any discount to avail the promo. Rate is (1) graduating student plus (3) regular paying adult rates.

3. All the Graduate of Class 2015 can avail this promo.

4. The Graduate should present any of the following: diploma, graduation photo, graduation list/program with the graduates name, ceremony invitation; supported by school ID.

5. Promo is available on weekdays, Lunch ONLY

6. Promo cannot be use in conjunction with other in-house promotion and discount.

7. Promo will run from March 9, 2015 to May 30, 2015.


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