Boracay Terminal and Environmental Fees

Upon arrival at the Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal, visitors need to pay terminal and environmental fees. This is apart from the boat ticket that visitors will have to purchase for their transfer to Cagban Jetty Port. Terminal Fee is P100.00 while Environmental Fee is P75.00. The fees are charged at the same rate to all tourists traveling to the island of Boracay, foreigners and locals alike. Both fees are payable at counters next to each other at the passenger terminal. Children six (6) years old and above are charged full amount on terminal fee. Environmental fee, on the other hand, is applicable to 12 years old and above. Students and senior citizens may avail of P40.00 discounted rate for the environmental fee but they will have to present a valid identification card to take advantage of the special rate.

Ticket Counter for Terminal and Environmental Fees

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